etreed 0.4

Tips for using this server

What's this all about? Why not use FTP for downloads?

This server is designed to let you browse a large collection of files, and directly view any md5 or txt files. Files ending in shn must be downloaded through the regulated queue: if you click on one, a new window will display your position in line.

Download speeds can be capped, as can the maximum number of active downloads. The big advantage over FTP is that users don't have to repeatedly try to log in: they simply browse around and queue up whatever files they wish to download.

Can I use my favorite web browser?

To use this server, your browser must support frames and cookies. It should also honor the HTTP-EQUIV refresh tag. Netscape Navigator and Opera are known to work.

Because it does not honor the refresh tag within framesets, iCab does not work. Lynx does not automatically refresh, and it doesn't support framesets, so it will not work.

We hope to add a command-line client to the etreed project. Most likely it will be based on Perl5.

I get a "Save File..." dialog every time a download starts. How can I set up unattended downloads?

The easiest strategy is to set your browser to automatically launch an application for the MIME type 'application/shorten'. With Netscape Navigator, go to the Preferences, click on Navigator, then Applications, then add or edit the entry for 'application/shorten'. Under the "Handled by" label, select an application (shorten, for instance).

How can I get more help?

The owner of this server can be contacted via email:

If you'd like more information about etreed, check out the project homepage.